PRODUCTSCultivation Racks

PRODUCTSCultivation Racks

Cannabis Grow Racks

Multi-Tiered Rolling Benches

Pipp Horticulture’s Cannabis Racking Systems are your best choice for indoor legal cannabis vertical grow systems. Use with Pipp Horticulture Mobile Carriages to create movable rows within a grow room. Eliminate wasted aisle spacing and use that space to increase your cultivation space. Cultivators can now search for smaller properties that were originally not large enough to achieve the canopy granted for their license. Depending on how many levels you want, you can double, triple or even quadruple your cannabis product in a given grow room footprint.

Paying a premium on your warehouse? Get every penny’s worth of your real estate’s profit earning potential by growing vertical on our space saving mobile carriage system.

Not enough space for all your cannabis activities in one facility? Think about growing vertically to maximize cultivation space while freeing up other space for other areas of the business.
Designed for Any Stage of Growth
Propagation, Vegetative, Flower, Mothers, Tissue Culture
High Capacity Shelving
Beams can support 2,150 lbs. Uprights can support up to 17,000 lbs.
Multi Level Solutions
Racks available up to 23′ high and and 56’ long. (Racks larger than this require engineering approval).
Construction & Assembly
Constructed from high strength steel. Quick and easy shelving assembly.
White Powder Coat Finish
White powder coat is UV-stable, and contains anti-microbial and fungal-resistant additives.

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